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A Modern Solution for an Original Interior Design at the moment, you will find a wide variety of colours and styles of string curtains available for purchase.


HL Coloured String Curtains are a fashionable and innovative method of enhancing windows and are gradually replacing old fashioned, outdated and boring curtains creating an elegant look.

CUSTOM MADE SIZE: YES we can custom make any size, please email us with your size requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

or purchase the standard size now : 300cm wide x 300cm drop

Please choose on the of the following hanging options;

Rod - This being the most popular of the hanging options as the curtain will come already sewn with a pocket at the top for you to feed the rod through!  With this option you can gather the curtains if you wish for a fuller thicker look.

rod hanging option

Velcro - Use this option for hanging the curtain along a wall or fixed background.  With this option you are unable to move or adjust the curtain once in place.  Both the male and female velcro will be supplied.

velcro hanging velcro hanging string curtain

Belt - This is the best option if you want to hang the curtain on existing curtain tracks where you can slide the curtains open or closed.

belt hanging string curtain


All Strings are A Grade Quality 100% polyester with colour which will never fade!

Our curtains are processed with fire-retardant agent, therefore they are safe under usual conditions

Choose your colour carefully and please be aware that colours will vary slightly compared to the actual product due to different monitor brightness and contrast settings.  

In order to give you and idea as to how dense these curtains are, you will get 5 strings per 1 cm. Therefore if you require a fuller look we recommend you get at least double the required width of the area you wish to cover so you can bunch it up in order to achieve this fuller look.

Please note: as it doesn't show that well on the pictures but the white P16 is more a pearl white where as the white P23 is more a bright white. Please take care in choosing your colour as we don't refund simply on a wrong colour choice!

IMPORTANT Shipping Information:  Please use a street address and not a postal address as we use couriers for you string curtains delivery!

  We thank you for your order and please note as all orders are made upon order please allow 14-16 days for delivery.

 Here are some images to help show you what the string curtains look like when hung and we ask you to be careful when choosing your width option so you get the look you want.

This first image shows you what they look like when hung stretched to their full extent i.e. 100cm hung without gathering. This hanging look suits rod - velcro or Belt hanging options red string curtain not gathered
This images is of a 150cm wide string curtain gathered to the 100cm width on a rod and please note you can only gather on a rod hanging option or belt although rod is preferred red string curtain gathered
This image is of a 300cm wide string curtain gathered to 100cm width to show you a fuller look and it suits the rod hanging option only. red string curtain fully gathered


HL bauble string curtain colour chart


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